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Simplify Email Ads

Free Newsletter Adserver & Revenue Solution


A Flexible Ad Server Designed For Email

  • 100% Free Full Featured Email Newsletter Adserver
  • Completely Flexible – You have full control over which user sees what ad when
  • Manage your direct sell ad inventory alongside your own 3rd party ad feeds and network partnerships using our detailed analytics and targeting features
  • Use any 3rd party ad feeds - put their invocation code (live intent for example) into a new campaign and run that ad feed as any other campaign.
  • Use our built-in targeting features to make your life easy while optimizing your revenue
  • Use our Conversion Pixel to capture revenue for direct sold offers in real time
  • We provide integrations to all the ESPs, so you can easily work with Zenlytics in your current ESP *

ZenAds to Monetize your newsletter with Native, Display, and Search Partners

  • We provide you complete integrations with the various programmatic sources of demand, so you do not have the hassle of integrating and managing these sources yourself, including:
  • RTB Display Exchanges & Trading Desks
  • Native Ads Networks
  • Search Ad Networks
  • CPA/Affiliate Networks
  • Any other demand integrations you request *
  • Maximize demand for your impressions in all ad formats
  • ZenAds Machine Learning targeting engine can help to maximize the value of any of the backfill inventory you assign to us.


Packed with features, the first ad server designed for email newsletters from the ground up!

Zenlytics Liveintent Powerinbox Revive Epom Avid Adzerk Adspeed Adglare Adbutler
Ad Server
Direct Ad Sales
3rd Party Monetization
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Revenue & Conversions
Integrated RTB Exchanges *
Integrated Native Ad Networks
Integrated Search Ad Networks *
Integrated CPA/Affiliate Networks *
Cost $0.00/CPM (Totally Free!) $/CPM serving fee for directly sold ads N/A open source edition is free, but requires publisher to setup and maintain own server $50-$2,500+ per month minimum + $/CPM serving fee $100/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee > 1M impressions $1,000/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee >10M impressions $9.95/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee >0.1M impressions + Add on fees for various customizations $299/month + $/CPM serving fee $9.95/month minimum + $0.25 $/CPM serving fee
* Coming soon to zenlytics