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Zenlytics Publisher: The ForwardCabin Email Newsletter    

Real Time Stats

Learn More About Your Audience.

We put a lot of effort into our analytics. Which user devices, locations, or domains are earning you the most money? With Zenlytics, you can learn what segments of your email data perform better and drive more revenue to you.

Ads For Any Niche

Easily Put Relevant Ads in Front of Your Audience.

We've partnered with Bing Ads to give you the access to one of the largest the advertisers networks in the world.

You can choose to manage the targeting yourself or let our targeting technology find what verticals work best for your audience.


Tons of Styles & Sizes

Completely Tailored to Fit the Look of Your Newsletter.

You can set up your newsletter with one of our pre-designed templates or customize your ad using our Campaign Designer.

After adding the initial code to your newsletter, you can test out as many ad styles as you want without changing a single line of code! Use our Campaign Designer to create or select different ad styles. Our ad server will automatically split test the campaign styles you come up with and settle in on the best performing.

We have any size you need - IAB or otherwise. Don't see the size you need? We'll create one for you.


Q.What is Zenlytics?

A. Zenlytics is a contextual email newsletter platform connected to some of the largest advertiser marketplaces in the world.

Q.Is Zenlytics free?

A. Yes. We're going to be paying you top CPMs for your newsletter inventory. We can beat the rates from most major email ad networks.

Q.Do you have ad inventory for my Organic Farming newsletter?

A. Yes. We've got millions of advertisers across any vertical you can imagine. No matter how niche your newsletter is, we can find the right advertisers to monetize your audience.

Q.Will using Zenlytics effect my delivery?

A. It shouldn't. You'll be using your own domains for the links and images.

Q.What do I need to get started with Zenlytics?

A. Just follow our step-by-step sign up process. If you have any questions, you can contact us via chat and our representatives will walk you through the steps.

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