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Free, easy to use, full featured email newsletter ad server.

Real Time Analytics

Do you know what segment of your data is performing the best? You will.

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Manage all of your ads in a single login. Optimize, easily test, turn them up or down.

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Get feedback fast with real time data and make inventory decisions instantly.

Tons of Monetization Options

campaign options

Upload all of your existing ads or run from a wide selection of our Native and Search Links.

It's All About Having Options

We've worked really hard lining up the right relationships to monitize email. Benefit from working with top shelf advertisers.

Packed with features, the first ad server designed for email newsletters from the ground up!

Zenlytics Liveintent Powerinbox Revive Epom Avid Adzerk Adspeed Adglare Adbutler
Ad Server
Direct Ad Sales
3rd Party Monetization
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Revenue & Conversions
Integrated RTB Exchanges *
Integrated Native Ad Networks
Integrated Search Ad Networks *
Integrated CPA/Affiliate Networks *
Cost $0.00/CPM (Totally Free!) $/CPM serving fee for directly sold ads N/A open source edition is free, but requires publisher to setup and maintain own server $50-$2,500+ per month minimum + $/CPM serving fee $100/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee > 1M impressions $1,000/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee >10M impressions $9.95/month minimum + $/CPM serving fee >0.1M impressions + Add on fees for various customizations $299/month + $/CPM serving fee $9.95/month minimum + $0.25 $/CPM serving fee
* Coming soon to zenlytics


Q.What is Zenlytics?

A. Zenlytics is a free to use open platform to manage your email newsletter ad inventory. If you choose, we also provide ads you can run as well.

Q.Why use an ad server?

A. Because it makes managing your ad space so much easier. With Zenlytics you won't have to wait on IT to swap tags. You won't hesitate testing a campaign. You'll monitize better and end up with more relevent ads for your audience. For example, just grab that banner and link and set it to show for 5,000 impressions.

Q.Do I have to run your ads?

A. Nope. Although we hope you do, you don't have to run our ads.

Q.Will using Zenlytics effect my delivery?

A. It shouldn't. You'll be using your own domains for the links and images.